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Our Projects

Our projects are a reflection of us, of our ideals and ethics, they are worked with effort, care and above all giving the best of our skills.

Our unique touchWhat distinguishes our projects?

Databay Solutions leverages bold, game-changing technology to transform ideas into reality and deliver impactful improvements for clients. We build solutions for the AI generation: we create and implement custom software and AI solutions that combine data, algorithms and modern technology with deep industry expertise to drive end-to-end business transformation.

Our projectsBeyond is where we begin.

We are determined to make the world better every day, we consider making a social impact to be more than just a verbal commitment. It’s actually built into Databays culture through our work and actions.

Whether we’re tackling the global climate crisis or improving health assistance for indigenous communities, Databay values the opportunity we have to change the world. Here are just a few examples of how we’re doing it.
Currently we are collaborating with two key areas within Greenpeace Spain: the Research Area and the Advocacy and Peace Area.

Within the Research area we help to create datasets, dashboards and automate processes, simplifying the work of analysts. Through data engineering, data science and business intelligence processes we collaborate to streamline the research processes.

Within the Advocacy and Peace area, we are developing a tool capable of comprehensively managing contacts and meetings. This tool will make it easier to control meetings, use them and facilitate their documentation, both from the central office and from the state advocacy network.

First aid service

During this last year there have been multiple deaths of tourists due to accidents in Bolivia. We are working to make Bolivia a safer place by developing a project of incredible humanitarian dimensions.

In the first phase of the development of this project we are setting up our first first aid school where we train experts to provide services to tourists and indigenous populations in the area. This first phase has been a challenge, because we are fighting to break the monopoly of first aid certifications.

In the following phases of the project we will continue to collect agreements with the indigenous communities and agreements with insurance companies for the next phases of this project. In the future this service to tourists should be able not only to shape the wildest areas of Bolivia as places, increasing the number of tourists who want to access them, but the communities will be able to benefit from first aid medical services.
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Looking for a young, experienced and battle-ready strategic freelancer or team? We are what you need, discover everything and find out by contacting us.

Our team does not close its doors to new challenges. We take all the offers we receive into account and in the event that any profile of our team is interested in participating in a new project, they have all the freedom to undertake it.

Freelancing is a very good opportunity for our team to have experiences in new sectors. We believe that in this way we can benefit from new ideas and proposals for improvement.

Company owned projects

At Databay solutions we are always trying to create our own products. The latest of these products is a SaaS real-time image analysis for metrics extraction. Our tool allows us to extract scoreboards and events from video streams, using technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing. We're brainiacs!

This technology can have multiple applications for data validation, or facilitate data extraction.

One of the most direct applications is for example on Gaming. Gaming world is triumphing and with it the APIs that improve from the user experience, as to bring innovation and utility, that is why we have developed this project, thanks to this tool we improve the collection of data streams and they will no longer have to depend on the video game API to get the data.

We can apply this tool to any field, it is not a custom-made suit. It has to adapt to the different needs of developers, so it is essential that it is functional and flexible.
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Education and Orión Project

We believe that educating the young is the key to prosperity. That's why we're involved in teaching.

We work hand in hand for top-level organizations like Mas Que Learing and the Universidad de Comillas to develop solutions That will help students make the right decision when choosing their path.

Future is brighter when you're more preparedContact us and our team will study the best way we can help your business

We bring the breath of our experience and industry knowledge to help you triumph.

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