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Experts in custom software design and development of data tools for Business Intelligence, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Our signature touchCapitalizing on the real-world experience of our technical advisors

At Databay Solutions we have been working for years in the design of customized tools capable of meeting the most demanding use cases. This experience is complemented by our extensive expertise in the development of BI/data tools focused on engineering and data science. In addition, we are able to offer the most advanced artificial intelligence tools as a service.

All this makes us the ideal company to work with if you want to undertake any development project where you want data to be the protagonist and help you achieve your goals.

Customized software development

We offer a full range of services, including custom application development, systems integration, database design, web and mobile software development, analytics and business intelligence.

Data engieneering and Data Science

We specialize in web analytics and big data, helping organizations make the most of their digital data and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions. Our approach focuses on using advanced data analytics techniques and big data tools to extract meaningful insights from the various digital data sources available.

Artificial Intelligence and Graphs Analysis

Our techniques help organizations harness the power of AI and graphs to gain competitive advantage, automate processes, improve decision making and generate value from their data.


We turn information into actionable insights

We work to understand your problems, pushing you to ask better questions in the pursuit of accomplishing your goals.
Inflection. Test cases define goals and specifics, mobilize stakeholders, and result in “go or no-go” decisions.
Prototype. Proof-of-concept models confirm test cases and lead to a build out of tangible business uses and execution plans.
Incubation. Minimally viable products (MVPs) test market interest and help the company prepare to scale.
Scale and Industrialize. Processes, technology, and people are put in place to expand the offering.
Operate and Improve. Offerings and models are refined and enhanced based on performance data.
We aim to empower organisations - leveraging data science to develop competitive advantages and drive impact on the results.

Jose Rodríguez Databay solutions

Project portfolioSeek inspiration from our projects

Immerse yourself in innovation, and find inspiration in our diverse portfolio of projects. At our core, we believe in pushing boundaries and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Join us in our journey and discover a world of possibilities, right here in our projects

Software development and AIWeb and chatbot creation with AI

This project aims to provide initial guidance to people at risk of social exclusion through an accessible web platform. The initiative includes the creation of a specialised Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will be trained to answer questions based on predefined relevant information. This AI will be integrated into the website through an interactive chatbot.

BI and Data engineeringImplementation of a new BI system

This project consisted of a comprehensive transformation of an organization's existing processes to a robust data engineering system based on Apache Airflow and Terraform. The main objective was to centralize all data engineering processes, which would improve operational efficiency, scalability and transparency in data management.

Customized software developmentCRM to manage volunteer contacts

Develop a CRM tool that allows to manage in a comprehensive way the contacts and meetings management of an area of the NGO. This tool will facilitate the control of meetings, use them and facilitate their documentation, both from the central office and from the state advocacy network.

Customized software developmentCRM focused on hotels with more services

Development of a customized CRM for the identification of opportunities (cross-selling & up-selling) to increase sales by promoting additional products and services, customized based on guests' preferences and needs. This includes suggesting activities and experiences based on customer history and sending campaigns.

Customized software development and Data engineeringPanel for data research (Scrapping)

Our main objective was to enhance our ability to explore, understand and gain valuable insights from our large volumes of data. In doing so, we have been able to discover patterns, trends and relationships that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. With this enhanced capability, we have accelerated and improved the quality of our research.

Software development and AIIoT development and Data engineering

In this Internet of Things (IoT) project, we have developed an advanced and effective solution using Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Looker, and Pub/Sub to collect and analyze animal mobility data in remote areas. Our IoT devices, using LoRa technology for data transmission, have enabled the collection of critical information that improves wildlife understanding and management.

Customized software developmentOCR to extract data in real time

The implementation of the AI-based OCR system has had a significant impact on the client's business. It has enabled them to analyze Twitch streams in real time, giving them access to a wealth of useful data to make business and strategic decisions. The system has proven to be a valuable resource for evaluating the effectiveness of advertising on Twitch, allowing the client to adjust their advertising strategy based on real, up-to-date data.

Customized software developmentTool to improve grade matching

This project is an innovative initiative that focused on the creation of a web application for middle and high school students. The main objective of the project was to provide guidance to students on the study options available after their time in high school. However, beyond being a simple software development, the project became a data analysis challenge, as it was required to understand and predict student trends and preferences in order to provide personalized recommendations.
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I worked with Databay Solutions for 3 months in the framework of a project of high intensity and great technical difficulty. Jose R. demonstrated advanced programming skills and basic notions of finance. In addition, it was a pleasure to work with Jose R. on a personal level, as he is a curious, calm and friendly person.
Jaime GervásSenior Consultant at Oliver Wyman
Their skills are exceptional, consistently delivering high-quality work. They are always available and responsive, ensuring that communication flows smoothly. Deadlines are consistently met without compromising the quality of their output. Moreover, their cooperation and collaboration with clients are exemplary. DataBay Solutions sets a benchmark for professionalism and excellence in their field.
LaurentCDO of IPM Group
Jose supported us in the execution of a complex project consisting in the development of sophisticated model in SAS. He performed a great job being flexible with the required effort and that was appreciated by the team.
Daniel S.Engagement manager at Oliver Wyman

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